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The Essential Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

In the event that you are going on a hiking adventure or a camping trip, taking a significant weight off your shoulders is in the best interest of every camper; however, it should not be on the expense of compromising your preparedness, capability, and comfort. In this article, we will guide you how to pack the entire ultralight backpacking gear list while still keeping it ultralight. There are lots of benefits when you go light on your camping trip; you will have a great mobility and lesser exertion. You will realize that you are moving faster, easier and farther.

Most Essential Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

When you are creating your essential backpacking gear list, it is very important to identify the needs versus the wants. It is also important to consider your comfort and safety when packing your items. After you successfully identify this, it is the proper time to identify the gear that you will take on your hiking. Here are some of our recommendations:

Granite Gear Virga 2

Granite Gear Virga 2The first thing to consider in your ultralight backpacking gear list would be the backpack that you will use. Granite Gear Virga 2 is super light that weighs only 1lb and 2 ounce. It is not only functional and comfortable but also one of the most reasonably priced backpacks in the market. One thing that makes it incredibly light would be the materials used. Despite of that, the Granite Gear Virga 2 backpack remains highly resistant against abrasion and durable.

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Hyperlite Flat Tarp

Hyperlite Flat Tarp reviewIn case you are hiking during a clear sky or months with no rain falls, you may not require a shelter. But in case you are camping during inclement seasons, a Hyperlite Flat tarp should definitely be included in your ultralight backpacking gear list. Flat tarp is much recommended for the reason that they are flexible, easy to introduce in different condition and super light. In fact, the Hyperlite Flat Tarp only weighs less than 100 ounce. Its water-resistant feature is because of the Cuben Fiber Innovation.

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Sea to Summit Spark

sea to summit spark reviewSleeping bags are always an essential part of backpacking gear list. They are the thing that keeps us warm on the cold night of the outdoors and maintains our robust energy during emergency. However, they are one of the heaviest equipment in our backpack. Fortunately, STS has found a way to keep their Spark light by utilizing a micro-weight liner and shell. It is so lightweight that when you compress it, it resembles the size of grapefruit.

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Alcohol Stove

cat food tin ultralight backpacking stoveDid you know that you can have an alcohol stove for less than $2? The cat food tin alcohol stove is so easy to make, and simple to use. In our opinion it is the only way to go if ultralight is your thing.  There are also many Alcohol stoves offered on Amazon for around this price and considerable more. Ultralight alcohol stoves are the most convenient and affordable stoves that you should include in your ultralight backpacking gear list.

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By reducing the weight of your backpacking gear list, you can now concentrate on your fun shoulder and eliminate the possibility of a painful shoulder. Every part of your hiking trip becomes more enjoyable with a lighter backpack.

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