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What are the Top Tips for Trekking in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand is a great place to go trekking. In Chiang Mai, there will be many tour agencies that offer overnight trips to stay with a hill tribe in the mountains. You will need to be slightly on the fit side to be able to do this trek. You will also have to be energetic to be able to battle the many climbs in stifling humidity to explore the natural landscape.

Tips for trekking in Chiang Mai Thailand:

Tips for trekking in Chiang Mai ThailandHere are few tips to make your trek infinitely more enjoyable.

  • Proper footwear:

You have be prepared and have the proper footwear. The footwear should be along the lines of a sturdy waterproof hiking boots. Some people will have trainers that you may find too low on the heel and that will be unsupportive. This will offer the little protection from the rain that will come down in buckets throughout certain seasons. If you have planned for a long trek then you should buy some proper footwear.

  • Water supply:

You have to bring the biggest bottle of water you can. Dehydration is the biggest risk and you’ll be sweating buckets the entire time. Even though you feel it is heavy to carry. It is the one that is essential in the trek.

  • Waterproof camera:

Bringing a camera is the essential one but without the proper waterproofing, it will be in trouble. Humidity, rain, and dirt are things to deal with trekking in Thailand. You have to make sure that you not only bring a waterproof camera but While you are trekkingalso the extra carrier bags to further it protection.

  • Dry clothes:

After a serious exercise and sweat, you will be dying to get clean and washed. One set of dry clothes will be useful to change into on the first day. You have to carry as many lightweight clothes as you can and ensure that you have more than just one set. It is depending on what trek you do. There will be almost always a waterfall or stream.

While you are trekking you have to make sure you look after the environment. You have to have respect for the wildlife taking care not to damage beautiful plants and trees. Elephant sanctuaries are one of the most enjoyable parts of Thai treks. There are many wonderful places where you can ride them and bathe them. You should choose to trek responsibly and treat these magnificent creatures with the respect they deserve.

Thai mountain villages:

An essential part of trekking in Chiang Mai Thailand is being a part of the village atmosphere in the evening. You can relax and take in village life from an open fire. While you are trekking in Thailand, you will sleep in a wooden hut in the village. There might be no electricity in village and your bed will be made up of a plastic mat.

This is Thailand travel at its most basic and brilliant. There are so many places to love about Thailand travel, and trekking will be absolutely one of the best things you will ever do.

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