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Top 12 Beginner Backpacking Blunders

Are you going to backpack for your hiking? This is the first time for you to going for hiking!! If like so, then you will need to take some advice from experts to get rid of mistakes in backpacking. This is because there are so many mistakes you should do in your backpacking at first time hiking. Here, I’m going to share you the top 12 beginner backpacking blunders.

Top 12 Beginner Backpacking Blunders:

Not only you but also almost all people do few mistakes and struggling. No worries, you’re here for knowing some of Top 12 Beginner Backpackingthe blenders that you will do in your hiking so that you can able to avoid that right!!

Let’s see!! What are the top 12 beginner backpacking blunders?

Top #1: Cooking in tent

A very first mistake that every newbie do is cooking in their tent. It is always very dangerous idea on lightening up the stove in a closed area. This is because it results in burning of your tent and you also meet some injuries, so kindly avoid this mistake. And, choose the right place where you get more ventilation, otherwise you don’t cook at all.

Top #2: Soaking sleeping bag

Another very big mistake is soaking sleeping bag. Many beginners soak their sleeping bag with water and also use the same. During the hiking, you can’t able to use soaked sleeping bag in the snow climate right!! At the same time, you can’t able to make it dry within few hours. Thus, try to avoid soaking of the sleeping bag and use the waterproof bag to cover the sleeping bag.

Top #3: Filleting in feet

While hiking, it is hard for you to make each and every step. And, you also meet filleting in feet too. In order to avoid this kind of injury, you need to choose the right pair of shoes to walk.

Top #4: Overweight of bag

Overweight of bagWhile trucking, you need some more things to stay outside. But packing more things cause overweight. You know that each and every step is hard and you also need to carry your bag too. So, try to pack with necessary items.

Top #5: Choosing worst place

Before installing tent to stay, you need to think what will happen in rainy time and where water will go. So, you have to choose the right place where you will see the best drainage and make a camp at least 200 feet away from water.

Top #6: Keeping foods unsafely

There are more changes for wild animal eating your stored foods, so use proper foods storage bear canisters and hung bear bags.

Top #7: Untested equipment

If you pack untested equipment like torch light, stove, fuels and like more, then it leads you to face difficulties in handling situations. Therefore, avoid this kind of mistake.

Top #8: Didn’t have water plan

It’s can’t able to carry water along with you for a long distance, so look for another source where you will get water.

Top #9: Skipping of planning

While tripping, you will enjoy a lot. But at the same time, you don’t forget to find the route by using map.

Top #10: Avoiding weather

You will meet different weather conditions in hiking, you have to bring all kinds of clothes to tackle weather conditions.

Top #11: Don’t have navigation skill

In hiking, navigation skill is very important and you have to improve that too.

Top #12: Leaving wastage

Don’t leave any of your trace in the hiking, because it is dangerous for wild animals.

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