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Top 10 Ultralight Backpacking Tips for the Lightweight Traveler

Ultralight backpacking involves carrying a light load on your back to ensure that your backpacking trip is comfortable and enjoyable. With the right ultralight backpacking tips, you can lighten the load while still packing everything you will need.

Use our Ultralight Backpacking Tips to plan your next adventure.

1. Get a Weighing Scale

The first step to ensuring that you pack light for your backpacking trip is to weigh everything that you plan on carrying. As one of the most important backpacking tips, using a weighing scale will help you identify the lightest things to carry for the trip.

2. Backpack

The backpack to be used influences the total weight you will have to haul around during the trip. This is why we have included choosing the lightest, but sufficient backpack among our top backpacking tips. You will find a huge variety of ultra-light and durable, high-capacity backpacks out there.

3. Sleeping

The sleeping gear you choose for your camping or hiking trip depends on the preferred convenience levels. Sleeping pads, sleeping bags and pillows are all part of the common sleeping supplies backpackers carry with them. Also, we highly recommend carrying only what is convenient; make sure you choose lightweight options.

4. Shelter

Tarps and tents come in different weights. In most cases, tarps tend to be lighter than tents as they are not enclosed all the way; therefore using fewer materials. There are ultra-light tents available as well for those who prefer enclosed shelter.

5. Essentials

No matter how light you want your load to be, it is vital that you carry essential supplies. In our backpacking tips, we recommend that you include a first aid kit and whistle in your packed gear; include any other essentials you may need especially in emergencies.

6. Food

Food items make up a large portion of you backpacking weight. One of the best ultra-light backpacking tips is to carry light, but high-calorie food items. If you are cooking during the trip, carry the least amount of utensils and an ultra-light stove.

7. Water

Ultra-light backpacking involves carrying the least amount of water possible in light disposable bottles. One of the most important backpacking tips to ensure that you have all the water you need throughout the trip is to plan your path along water stops, where you can refill the bottle regularly.

8. Campsites

One of the best ultralight backpacking tips to help pack fewer and lighter sleeping and shelter gear is to choose your campsites wisely. Areas sheltered by huge overbearing trees may be warmer. Additionally, choosing an uneven area on the ground may eliminate the need for a sleeping pad and pillow.

9. Keep Warm

Learning how to keep warm without having to cover yourself up with heavy sleeping items can help you shave off a few pounds from your load.

10. Pack for conditions

Perhaps the most important of all ultralight backpacking tips is to simply pack for the conditions you will encounter on your trip. Avoid packing items based on ‘what ifs’.

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