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What Should I pack on a Backpacking trip?

A backpacking trip is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities. You should always carry some certain backpacking essentials things with you. The equipment that will be depending on the what kind of  backpacking trip you plan and the area you travel.

What Should I pack on a Backpacking trip?

What Should I pack on a BackpackingHere are must have backpacking essentials

  • Backpacking tent
  • Outdoor gear
  • Sleeping bag
  • Basic things
  • Food and water
  • First aid kit
  • Navigation system
  • Fire
  • Clothing and so on.

Backpacking tent:

Some of them will sleep under the stars but it is always better to have some form of tent or shelter. Your tent or shelter should be light weight and it must be suitable for the area you travel. It must be suitable for all weather conditions. You should not go without the rain fly because it might encounter the rain and make sure that your tent is sturdy.

Backpacking gear:

If you about backpacking, you’re normal clothes will not suitable for backpacking. Just invest in some special outdoor gear. These clothes will be lightweight and will take up in little space. Make sure that you will have a set of gear for the trip you are the plan. Many backpacking will not have to take this list because it is not exhaustive. Rain gear will keep you to stay dry in the rain. Light must be important for a backpacking trip.

Sleeping bag:

Sleeping badly should be in lightweight and it must contain space saving. If you are backpacking in winter then you can take a bigger and heavier sleeping bag that will not freeze to death.

Basic things:

You have to make your own food so get some basic things like a cookware and a little stove. You also take some needs like knife or pepper spray. The most used and versatile tool in your bag is your survival knife.

Food and water:

Food and waterYou will not find the enough food and water resources of the area you are travelling. Make sure you have to carry the food and especially water with you. Just keep your food simple so that so that your food will not weigh much. Your body will require nutritional in order to survive. Food provides your body with the water and energy will focus in order to properly function. When you are planning a trip, it is important to plan your meals. This way you should be taking enough food and not taking too much with you.

It is impossible to survive without water. If you want to survive in the wilderness, you have to know how to collect and purify the water. Rainwater can be collected or by digging a foot deep hole in a muddy area. If you have collected your water then you have to purify it.

First aid kit:

You can get a travel with first aid kit at your outdoor store. You must take care of small wounds and that will prevent the infection. For this, you have kept the first aid kit box to deal with such issues. First aid kit will save your life until help arrives. Learning first aid is a simple way to help your survival in the wild. Some important components of the kit should be band aids, antiseptic, bug bite cream, and spray and so on.

Navigation system:

Make sure that you got a means to find a way to a map, compass or GPS. Before you start your trip test your navigation system to know that it works and also make sure it will work in the area you are traveling to.


Fire is essential for warmth and water purification. You have to know that how to get a fire going in both wet and dry environments are the important survival skills you require in order to survive.


Clothing repair will come to surviving in the wild and maintaining your clothes can offer you in protection and warmth. Check for the forecast of the location you plan on camping and then pack your clothes accordingly. Pack for the every type of the weather just to be on the safer side. It will rain when you are out camping during the spring.


The rope is also useful for camping and if you find yourself in a survival situation. It is a lightweight, strong and takes Cordageup a little space. This will be useful when you need a tight hold on something. This is great for making grips on walking sticks.


If you are going to survive for several days you are going to need protection from the elements and a warm dry place to sleep. A ground tarp or tent for underneath your shelter to stay dry or a sleeping pad. You will require a shelter for the duration of your camping trip. If you want to keep inside a tent comes flashlights, pillows, glasses and matches and so on. Consider that all these things you need to feel comfortable.

Signalling equipment:

If you have caught in a survival situation while camping then you need signalling equipment. For signalling, you can use any source of light like a flashlight. Use this to light a signal fire.


This is one of the most important categories for a backpacking trip. If it is any unforeseen incident or emergency in your camping trip then you will need some proper emergency equipment to handle that situation.

You have to include the things like first aid kit, allergy medication and as well as any medication you need to take regularly. Think of all things if you are require finding in the situation of emergency and listing them under the emergency category.

A backpacking trip is never complete without fun and games. You have to some sporting equipment that everyone enjoys.

All backpacking equipment should be light, little space and that should be suitable for your specific trip. You will have everything you need to enjoy your backpacking trip.

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