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Las Vegas on a Friday Night

What to Do in Las Vegas on a Typical Friday Night

From top rate slogans such as “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” to nicknames such as sin city and the city of light, Las Vegas continues to provide a memorable time for any first time visitor. Those who are frequent visitors to Vegas already know about the adrenaline-pumping ride at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and the dining and drinking margaritas at top-notch hotels such as Flamingo Las Vegas. However, do you know that there are fun activities that you can do on a Friday night?

Enjoy amenities in the best hotel

Vegas contain over 1000 hotels, which are uniquely built with different architectural designs. Each hotel has its own alluring characteristics such as shops, casinos, restaurants, pools and theme park. However, the Las Vegas Bellagio hotel ranks top because of its changing fountains that play music, multiple pools, spa treatments and beautiful gardens. Even though Friday night is one of their most busy days, you are guaranteed to have friendly staff and excellent service at any time of the night.

Those who love music

Music lovers can enjoy a wide variety of pool parties and concerts from Rock Hotel and Casino entertainment venues such the joint, Vanity nightclub and Vinyl. Rock music fans can also take a trip down the memory lane by walking along the lobby of the hotels, which are decorated with rock music treasures from legendary musicians such as Aerosmith. Every Friday night legendary rock musicians such as Mayer Hawthorne, Eagles of Death Metal and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony get to perform live at the pool.

Those who love art

If you have exhausted most of your money paying for expensive hotel or gambling, you can still enjoy your stay in Vegas by visiting the 18b or Downtown Arts District. Art lovers can enjoy a wide variety of art galleries from both local and famous artists. On every first Friday of the month the district hosts a free-to-enter event called the First Friday gallery walk where apart from viewing art galleries you also have the opportunity to be entertained by street performers who can either be musicians, painters or writers.

Drink the best whiskey at Vom Fass

If you value drinking and discovering different types of alcoholic beverages, then you are going to love the Vom Fass. From an extensive selection of wines and spirits, this place has alcoholic drinks from around the world to suit your taste and preference. Apart from having the option of selecting any drink of your choice, what’s to love about the Vom Fass is that every Friday night at 7 pm they provide a whiskey experience class. During this unique lesson, you can learn everything you need to know about the history and manufacturing process of different types of whiskeys such as bourbon and scotch.

Las Vegas is a 24-hour town, so pretty much anything you will want to do during the day you can do it during the night too. However, what is more fun about doing activities you love during a Friday night is that there is relatively a smaller crowd, so you get the best options for gaming, drinking and partying.

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