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Climbing Webster Slide Mountain

Are you looking for climbing Webster Slide Mountain? Webster Slide Mountain that is located near to the mount moosilauke from the west side of the White Mountains. The Webster slide mountain is maintained by the Dartmouth outdoor club between the mount mist and NH 25. The Webster slide mountain trail will leave the Appalachian Trail from NH 25 and it will climb 500 feet up a steep. This is an excellent viewpoint from the eroded trail and high above Climbing Webster Slidethe wachipauka pond.

Climbing Webster Slide Mountain:

The views from the Webster Slide Mountain are definitely worth and the climbs up Webster Slide Mountain are not bad. The difficult part of this hike will be the first 1.4 miles from the NH 25 that will climb to 1000 feet above the series of switchbacks. While you are hiking this section you will definitely break a sweat. The hike will get easier when you cross the open forest to the base of the Webster slide mountain.

Wachipauka pond is found at the base of the Webster slide mountain and it is difficult to see the Webster slide mountain cliff to face from the pond. It will not give a bigger impression while crossing the Webster slide mountain. This climbing Webster slide mountain will be really a great distinctive landmark.

Mountain wandering:

The first part of the trail will rambles along the side of a knoll and it is mixed wood with quite a few birches. From Mountain wanderingthis, you can see the part of wachipauka pond with the south ridge of moosilauke. There will be a gap in the trees that are revealed the great cliff from the Webster slide.

You will just pass the spring by the Webster slide trail that will heads left and up. After the stretch is easy the Webster slide trail will begin a serious climb through an oak forest. One steep stretch will be badly eroded with the poor footing. The left side view of the Webster slide mountain will be noted and looking straight to the wachipauka pond.

The wachipauka trail will head at 2.6 miles from the Webster slide trail forks. This is unmarked trail called wachipauka pond trail heads that are downhill to the pond. There will be several established campsites and both the trails will be marked with blue blazes.

From this section, the Appalachian Trail will be sparsely blazed with the white markers. If you are a hiker then you really want a map to stay on the trail in this section. At the bottom of the Webster slide trail, there will be an unmarked side path that will descend to the wachipauka pond. The trail ends at the shore side spot and used as a campsite by hikers in the summer.

This will be a great viewpoint on the top of the Webster slide mountain that must be an excellent destination for star gazing showers. This is a great hike and the view from the summit will look amazing.