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Choosing the Best Ultralight Backpack – Weight isn’t everything

In case you are planning to take an epic hiking journey, an extensive camping trip or a weekend outing on the woods, the most essential thing to do is to keep your backpack light. An ultralight backpack can create a huge difference, it can grant you proper mobility, and you will enjoy your trip more. Maintaining the weight of your backpack on the optimum level is not exclusively for the trekkers alone, in fact, the whole field of the outdoor gear suppliers has made it a point to highlight the weight of their gear and equipment.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Ultralight Backpack

Here are some points that you should highly analyze when choosing the best ultralight backpack. This list can guide you in finding the suitable backpack that can provide assistance to different needs and conditions.


When looking for the ultralight backpack, the best product should not literally break your budget. Remember that maintaining the condition of your backpack will ensure that it will stay functional for the years to come. It might be great for you to invest your money in a high-quality bag. One of the most affordable backpack would be the Granite Gear Crown that weighs only 2 lbs.


Since you are looking for ultralight backpack, it is only necessary for you to consider its weight. Normally, your backpack will be one of the top 4 heaviest pieces of backpacking equipment that you will take on your trekking. It is necessary to find a light backpack without compromising the comfort and strength of the backpack. One of the lightest backpack in the market nowadays would be the MLD Exodus, which weighs only 1lb and 1oz.


When looking for an ultralight backpack, you should consider the product with the lesser amount of frame. You need to find the bag with the simplest frame but has the ability to withstand up to 35lbs of weight. HMG 2400 Windrider have a simple type of frame but very durable and efficient.


The volume level signifies the amount of things that you can pack inside your bag. The experienced trekker can pack all the necessary gear in a 40-50L bag. In case that you are a novice when it comes to using ultralight backpack, you may want to choose a bag with a higher volume capacity. ULA Circuit has a 68L volume capacity which is ideal for trekking during the snowy winter season.

Other things you may consider when choosing an ultralight backpack would be the design, material, and the fit. Remember that the design is just for aesthetic appeal and does not determine the exceptional bag from the mediocre. When choosing the lightweight material, you have the option to choose between cuben and nylon fiber. You should also observe the key features of the backpack in order to determine if it will be ideal for your needs and preference.

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