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How to choose the best Ultralight Sleeping Bag for your Trip

All sleeping bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and ultralight bags are no exception. They have different filling, some are weatherproof, and some can protect you only from moisture, while others are designed for a specific season. Choosing the best ultralight sleeping bag for you can be really difficult, but it pays to do a research and make a better-informed decision. This will help you find the sleeping bag that suits your needs and is the right one for the conditions you face. So here are the things you might want to take into careful consideration before purchasing an ultralight sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating is the First Thing You Should Think About

Firsts and foremost, you should think about the weather conditions you face when backpacking. The last thing you want is spending an uncomfortable night being too cold or hot after a long hike. Every ultralight sleeping bag has a temperature rating, and this is a great starting point for you. The rating tells you the temperature at which a specific bag will keep you comfortable and cozy. If you are unsure what rating is the right one for you, always opts for a sleeping bag that is warmer than you think you need. Most manufacturers have a variety of models with numerous temperature rating options, so finding what you need shouldn’t be a problem.

What Insulation to Choose

The other thing you should take into consideration is the insulation you want your ultralight sleeping bag to have. There are two types – feather down and synthetic insulation. The first option is warmer and more comfortable, but it isn’t the best choice for wet conditions. In addition, you should mind where the down used by the manufacturer comes from. If you don’t want a whole flock of birds killed or left with no feathers because of your sleeping bag, opt for a product with down that isn’t harvested from live birds. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, is better for wetter weather conditions, is heavier, and it is more difficult to compress it.

Types of Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Moreover, you must think about how you sleep and what type of ultralight sleeping bag will be most convenient for you. There are hoodless and hooded models, there are mummy bags with no zipper and quilts that can be fully opened and your sleeping bag becomes a blanket. The latter are probably the most versatile bags of all, but mummy bags are better for those who toss and turn when sleeping.

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