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The Best Ultralight Backpacking Tarp for the Lightweight Backpacker

Tarps are often considered as amazing tools, especially for lightweight backpacking. An expert user of a ultralight backpacking tarp can certainly save a whole lot of weight when it comes to preparing their pack. And, still, expect to have a very comfortable and flexible shelter. These ultralight backpacking tarps are also perfect in creating a dry space for hangout for your team when backpacking on a wet adventure.

With the popularity of ultralight backpacking come the several options on tarps. The options below are some of the best ultralight backpacking tarp options available these days. The secret to choosing the best one lies in identifying the features that you would like to have, comparing them with what the available options can offer.

The different types of ultralight backpacking tarp

These types of ultralight backpacking tarp are ones that are non-freestanding, with inner nets included. This only means that they work as a double wall tent, or simply you can leave its inner net in order to further reduce weight. These types of tarps work similar to that of a non-freestanding double wall tent, which means that you may have to compare the costs and weights as you make a decision. Among the best options include the Tarptent Notch, which is good for one person, Tarptent Stratospire, best for two people, as well as the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II. This is also for two people.

There are also single-wall backpacking tarp options that you can choose. For instance, the Zpacks Duplex is a 2-person tarp that comes with too doors. This means that you can still have good views, ventilation, as well as enough space for both tent sides. The Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker is also a good option. You can either choose the unit for one or two person use. The fabric used in this tarp has been chosen especially to ensure a light backpacking adventure.

Other Types of Tarp

You may also want to try out using a pyramid ultralight backpacking tarp. The shape of these tarps offers a lot of advantages. Among the good options recommended include the Mountain Laurel Designs Solomid, which also comes in a super ultralight version. Also, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 4 comes with a mesh inner net without floor. The floor may be available separately.

There are flat tarps that are also available. For example, the Bearpaw Wilderness Designs come with a range of tarps that use both silnylon and cuben fiber. The company is also known for creating products meant for lightweight trips.

When it comes to choosing a good ultralight backpacking tarp, it is important to look into the features of each option. In order to select the best one, it is important to list down the features that you want and make the selection according to your needs and preferences.

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