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Best Places to Camp East Coast Australia

Australia is not only a country of breathtaking beauty but of cultural and historic significance. A perfect travel Australia journey will include a mix of cultural and natural exploration of this country. Find some of the best places to camp east coast Australia. Australia journey will create unforgettable memories for years to come.

Best places to camp east coast Australia:

The best way to plan a camping trip is to choose your destinations first and then pick the campsites. Here are some Best places to camp eastof the ultimate camping spots along the Australia east coast.

  • Cairns:

While cairns feel a bit like the end of the road along the east coast and cairns is a fantastic holiday spot for campers. Most of the campervan will park and campsites around the city have top reviews for amenities, atmosphere, and cleanliness. The big expenses are always going to be getting to cairns and your accommodation in cairns, so if you spend some time to finding good deals and the rest should be easy. Cairns are definitely one of the easiest places to holiday on a budget.

  • Whitsunday islands:

One of the largest islands is called Whitsunday Island and just like other islands a national park. This island is like paradise with the bays, white sandy beaches, the amazing marine life, the thick and green pine forest and the warm waters. Some of the islands will be private property but most of the islands are totally uninhabited. When you are cruising and sailing around the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, you will have the impression of the people around at sea than on land.

The Whitsundays are also renowned for the sailing opportunities there and tours can be organised to sail around the islands. A visit to the Whitsundays will be a holiday to remember not just because of the tropical sandy beaches but also the high standard of Whitsunday resorts is available.

  • Byron Bay:

It is a natural beauty and also has quite a few camping options in the area. Some of Australia’s best national parks are located in this northern New South Wales. A must is to take a walk to the easternmost point in Australia at cape lighthouse. It has many wonderful retreats for the body, mind, and soul with relaxation getaways.

  • Opera house:

Opera house in Sydney is a signature trademark of Australia. The opera house ranks constantly among the most photographed destinations in the world and it is considered among the seven modern wonders. Once you are through admiring the architecture of the building, you may want to step inside to see some of the world’s best operas singers perform live.

  • Blue Mountains:

If you come to the Blue Mountains there is plenty to do. There are many breathtaking viewpoints within the Blue Sydney is a signature trademark of AustraliaMountains. Among the most popular viewpoints is echo point in Katoomba which has been recently upgraded. There are bushwalking trails throughout the Blue Mountains region and national park. Once you reach the Blue Mountains than to one of the tourist information centres.

  • Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef is a unique collection of living coral organisms that are even visible from the space. Over millions of tourists come annually to the east coast of Australia to experience the majestic beauty of coral reefs. Tourists are allowed to wander only around certain areas in order to preserve the ecosystem and prevent the possible damage to the reef barrier. Fraser Island lies at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and it is the world’s largest sand island.

  • Kakadu national park:

Kakadu national park is one of the most famous parks in the world. The largest tourist center in Kakadu national park is jabiru. This is the largest nature’s reserve in Australia and is a true nature lover’s paradise. This national park offers multiple guided hiking tours to enjoy the spectacular beauty of true Australia. The largest collection of wall art and perhaps sees some of the rarest animals and birds in the world

  • Kangaroo Island:

This is one of the few left untouched by civilization spots on the earth. About one-third of the island is a protected conservation zone intended to protect the islands ecosystem. A wide range of tours are available on Kangaroo Island and enabling you to relax while someone else does the driving. Kangaroo island’s national parks provide access to spectacular coastline scenery, fascinating history, and abundant wildlife.

  • Nambung national park:

Nambung national park offers splendid opportunities to enjoy secluded Australian beaches for swimming and diving. This park offers multiple camping and picnic grounds. It is home to amazing giant limestone pillars that were Nambung national park offers splendidsupposedly formed thousands of years ago from broken seashells brought here from the ocean.

The desert landscape with limestone rising out of the yellow sand makes this place one of the most popular attractions with people going on a campervan holiday in Australia. The desert is right by the sea and this is fascination.

  • Great for watching the sunrise:

Watching the sun come up over Uluru is an iconic Australian experience and is one of the main reasons travellers make the trip into the northern territory. The red monolith Uluru turns some magnificent colours and sunrise and the surrounding vast landscape is breathtaking.

  • Great for sun and sand:

A campervan trip doesn’t always have to be about adventure. Sometimes you just want to take a few days to kick back and relax. There is no better place to do that in Western Australia cape le Grand National Park. You will be overlooking a sheltered bay great for swimming.

  • Twelve Apostles:

Twelve Apostles are not to be missed during your vacation to Australia. Twelve apostles are colossal limestone rocks created by means of erosion of underwater rock formations. The twelve apostles magically change colors in the sunrise and sunset creating breathtaking to take home from Australia.

I have explained some of the best places to camp east coast Australia. Take a camp with your family and enjoy the places.