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About us


Arpeda’s concept came around as there are not that many comprehensive backpacker websites on the internet that supply the ‘real’ information that you are looking for when embarking on your travels. Weather is it hiking the Himalayas, or backpacking light through the bright lights of cities such as Tokyo, London, Sydney or New York.

All the writers at Arpeda are seasoned travellers and between them backpacked and travelled many thousands of miles. Many of the writers have also lived in various cities around the wold so can give you an invaluable insight not found on other sites.

We are a community, a rich source of information whether it is about the latest backpacking gear or where to visit and in which countries. The majority of the product reviews here are of backpacking and hiking equipment that has actually been used by the writers, and their many years of experience and skill can point you in the right direct.