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3 Types of Sleeping Bags for Camping

Sleeping bag for extreme conditions has very different attributes to those of a lightweight travel bag. Warmth, weight, size, and features are all important for choosing the sleeping bags. There are different types of sleeping bags for camping and you will have to consider is what kind of sleeping bag to buy.

Types of sleeping bags for camping:

Most sleeping bags can be divided into three categories

  • Mummy bags
  • Rectangle bags
  • Semi-rectangular bags

Woman in Sleeping Bag Next to TentMummy bags:

When this bag comes to keeping you warm and protected from the elements in the great outdoors and no other sleeping bag for camping will compete with the mummy bag. Mummy bags are designed to fit close to the body. When you occupy the bag and pull up the hood to the bag you resemble a mummy which is how this sleeping gear earned its name. Wider at the shoulder area it tapers towards the foot of the bag. Due to its design, it is the warmest of the sleeping bags because it holds in your body heat.

The insulated hood also allows you to cover the back, sides and top of your head to keep your body heat from escaping through your head which is where most body heat is lost. Mummy bags roll up small and are lightweight making them ideal for backpacking and climbing. They are also great for who enjoy winter camping in a tent.

Rectangular sleeping bags:

Unlike mummy bags, rectangular sleeping bags offer more interior space to move around and change positions during the night. This design will be less restrictive and comfortable. A rectangular design creates a dead air space that your body needs to heat and it will make these bags much less warm than comparable mummy bags.

Rectangular sleeping bags are warm weather bags. Rectangular sleeping bags are ideal for sleepers who like to sleep in less restricted and move around a lot at night. Rectangular sleeping bags are comfortable and less confining than are mummy bags.

Alpine bags:

Alpine bags are designed for extreme conditions above the snowline. They need to be both warm and light and it is Mountain Laurel Designs Duomidmummy shape lightweight fabric. This is used to give high warmth to weight ratio with water resistant shell fabrics also common.

Semi-rectangular sleeping bags:

Semi-rectangular bags called as hybrid sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are wider at both the shoulder and hips but it is tapered down to the head and foot box. Semi-rectangular bags tend to be heavier and bulkier when to compare with mummy bags. Most are lighter and less weight than comparable with rectangular bags.

If you have found a mummy bag too restrictive but you need more warmth than a rectangular bag, then you can go with the hybrid sleeping bag. This may be a good alternative sleeping bag.

When considering which type of sleeping bag to buy for you have to take into consideration whether they twist and turn throughout the night. Choose your sleeping bag carefully before you head out.

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